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SENsational Foundation Presents:

Autism Awareness Month Sharing Session
With Dayna Lim

In this video, Dayna was invited to share her knowledge and experiences as the parent of a child on the spectrum. A wide variety of questions about ASD to personal sharing was covered in this video by Dayna hosted by the non-profit organization SENsational Foundation.

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Series 1: Early Interventions

Series 1 - Early Interventions video blog by Dayna Lim.
In Series 1 – Early Interventions – I share the importance of how early interventions can affect the growth and development of our child on the spectrum.

Series 2: Post-Junior School

Series 2 - Post-Junior School is a video blog series by Dayna Lim.
In Series 2 – Post-Junior School – I share the complexity of what to expect when your special child enters into their Middle School years.