Dayna Lim Services

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Intervention Planning

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International Schools Navigation

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Execution Linkage

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General Guidance


Bespoke Schedules & Budget Planning

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Dayna helps parents plan the type of interventions and the number of hours for each particular intervention, after assessing the needs of the child.

The assessment is based on an interview with the parents, and an hour-long observation of the child’s daily life style and habits, plus likes and dislikes.

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Dayna assists parents with sourcing and arranging all the forms of early interventions.

She also helps with sourcing and arranging resources that would develop hobbies and potential skills set of the child.

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Dayna provides updates and advice on the different stages and forms of interventions required for the child.

This is done through an observation of the child through a 30 minute informal social assessment, and a detailed study of the child’s IEPs from all the interventions and school reports.

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Dayna assists parents with monthly or annual budget planning at different stages of interventions, depending on the progress of the child.

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International Schools Navigation

  • Advice on schools placement
  • Advice on academic support
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Execution Linkage

  • Onsite support with therapists and help coordinating all the elements of interventions
  • Train and support to establish consistency at home for care-takers and parents
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General Guidance

  • Nurture the mindset of parents on the raising of their autistic child
  • Assist in school issues of the child and help parents strategize school survival tactics
  • Help parents with emails and letter writing to schools are included in this service

If you would like more information about any of these services, please reach out to me using the WhatsApp button at the bottom of this page, or email me using the Contact form.