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In this video, Dayna Lim gives tips how to plan a framework of interventions for Autism. She helps families narrow down and navigate a framework when deciding on the different forms of interventions for their child during early planning stages.

The 2 main considerations are budget and a choice of language. How big of a budget you have to work with would determine how intensively parents can implement Applied Behaviour Analysis intervention and if they want to consider occupational therapy and alternative medicine which was her choice of interventions.

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這視頻可幫助家庭們決定孩子的介入性治療時作早期規劃,設定合適的框架令過程更順暢。大家可先考慮兩個主要因素 – 預算和語言選擇。預算的多少將決定應用行為分析的強度,以及應否考慮職業治療和藥物治療。以上這些,都是我的經驗分享。

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